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The capacity of the brain cells to assimilate knowledge, perceive, transmit and store it during the foundation years of 0- 6 is maximum, owing to rapid brain development in formative years . These formative years are when a child learns to recognize, develop language and communication skills, and enhances analytical and logical thinking skills. This is also the time when most of the physical co-ordination and gross and fine motor development takes place. At Bloom pre-school and day care, we understand this very well. Hence, our curriculum for the Bloom play group, Nursery, Kindergarten is designed to stimulate the multiple intelligence of the child -namely

The 8 areas of multiple intelligence that each Bloom Child develops are listed as under:

  • Visual/Spatial Intelligence – Art Smart
  • Verbal /Linguistic Intelligence – Word Smart
  • Logical Mathematical Intelligence – Math Smart
  • Bodily/Kinaesthetic Intelligence – Body Smart
  • Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence – Music Smart
  • Naturalist Intelligence – Nature Smart
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence – Self Smart \
  • Social/ Spiritual Intelligence – Value Smart

Teaching Techniques

The teaching at Bloom Play- Group and Bloom Nursery is facilitated with amalgamation of best practices of play way and Montessori methodology. It is a child centric approach, where learning and facilitation is based on small group activities as well as one to one basis. Academic syllabus is integrated to deliver 8 areas of multiple intelligence with artistic, tactile, and auditory learning. Learning is reinforced with using reference material with “talking books” embedded with computer chips of giving audio inputs along vivid pictorial experience. The books with audio chips helps children to learn with correct pronunciation and phonics.
Another most significant feature of bloom pre-school teaching is incorporation of well-planned learning stations where children can spend most of their day. Learning stations are temporary activity locations where materials are put out for self-exploration and play. These stations are created locations, visually and spatially defined areas, ideally three-sided, where materials are organized by subject and made available for children to select independently and play with. It develops the creative thinking abilities and enhances analytical understanding and thinking in each child.

Bloom Preschool Staff

All our teachers are trained in Early Childhood Education and certified for the same. More importantly our teachers are affectionate and appropriate at handling young children along with imparting those values and good manners. With weekly training for lessons and syllabus, our teachers enjoy being with children and imparting them learning while ensuring that children are having fun.