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Bloom Day Care

Love Trust. Growth Bloom is all these and Much More

Bloom day-care and day boarding facilities at the center is for children to stay and enjoy in Day Care to facilitate workingmoms and nuclear families. The day care center provides home away from home and intellectually stimulating environment for your child. It integrates structured learning with free play and skill building with various activities, which inturn boost child’s intellect and growth.

Bloom Day Care Time

One of the few long day care facilities in the city is Bloom Child Development Centre. The day care facility is available from 8.40 am to 7.40 pm to facilitate the working mom with long work hours. 12 hours day care also factors commute time for parents to work place, thus providing stress free life for parents.

Bloom Day care plans :

  • 12 hours long day – Day care
  • 6 hours day care
  • 4 hours slot
  • 2 hours slot
  • Short duration day care during vacation and parents visiting the city is also available.
  • Ad hoc or single use day care for registered members of the center only.

Bloom offers Day care with Food and Non- Food plan. Bloom has nutritionist on board and all meals plans or overseen and approved for age appropriate nutrition.

Bloom kitchen is manned with experts in child cooking making food appealing and presented in child friendly way.


Before (afternoon school timings ) or After ( morning shift schools ) school day care facility is also available for the children from other schools as well. This facility is especially useful for parents residing or working in surrounding areas around the center.

It ensures that even after school hours, each child has loving adult supervision and safe environment to spend the day constructively. Bloom Day care provides safe environment, oversee the school homework and uses child’s time productively with varied activities which could develop into long lasting hobbies. While you are busy facing the world outside, your child blooms and is taken care of.
Based on your needs, you can select full day, half day or 3 hour slot for the day care.

Why Day Care for your child

Bloom believes that today’s mom have their own individuality. The current social and economic scenarios demands multi- tasking from women. And in this multi– tasking of handling work, family, social and extending family and children, today’s women are stretched.

The answer to his is Quality Day care. Thus facilitating today’s woman to pursue her dreams, use her talents and aid the family’s economic well-being. It is her self-expression to pursue her dreams, with little help from child care professionals like us.

We are here to help today’s women who are go getters. They are the actual face of changing India.

Keeping this in mind, we have constructed a loving and safe zone for babies and toddlers to be here with us at our Day Care while Mamma is away at work and attending to social responsibilities.

Remember Moms, with us as your extended help and family, there is no place for l guilt. It’s quality not quantity that matters. You can spend quality time with your bundle of joy, once you are through with your day’s engagements.

Bloom day care is an ideal solution rather than leaving your precious ones in the care of illiterate or partially educated maids. Keeping the precious little child under the care of maid always leaves mom worrying on quality of care and interaction of maid and child.

As against this, Bloom provides you with an enviable solution. You’re little one, our love and Care. Your baby can be with us in at Bloom which is especially developed for your baby. Our team of teachers and care givers will keep children happily engaged in various structured activities, read them stories, chat with them and supervise the free play, thus aiding in providing much needed emotional connect and support to the little ones. Additionally it will developmultiple intelligenceand.

Our team of teachers will regularly provide you regular feedback about child’s progress and health.