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In keeping with philosophy of holistic growth and curriculum, Bloom provides 3 months and 6 months module for children in various streams. Based on your child’s interest and intrinsic talent, you could choose from wide range of activities offered from time to time. The teacher are the best in their field and takes keen interest in each student’s progress.

Intellect stimulating

  1. World General Knowledge
  2. World Geography
  3. Science Made Easy
  4. Math and Vedic Maths
  5. Chess
  6. Spanish Language class
  7. Lingua phonics – English

Talent Building

  1. Speech and Drama
  2. Percussion Instruments like Bongo, Kongo and Tabla
  3. Dance Class – Western and Bollywood
  4. Vocal Music class
  5. Insturmental Music Class
  6. Art n Craft Class

Fitness Building

  1. Karate Class
  2. Teak won do
  3. Mixed Martial Art

Call or Visit to the center to know more about ongoing activities and open up whole new opportunity for you precious one